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Achieving good search engine placement is a sure way of generating highly targeted traffic to your web site, however just how to do this is a riddle. There are literally a billion web sites out there - how do you compete with them?

Today Internet is one of the fastest growing communication medium in the world and anyone wanting to achieve successful web presence has to understand the ever-changing aspects of web marketing and search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is an integral part of any web marketing campaign. Several surveys have shown that the biggest hurdle web sites face today is getting people to know about their existence. Did you know, an estimated 80 to 85% of Web users use search engines to search for new web sites of their interest & most only look at the initial search result pages.

The scale below demonstrates how each Web marketer rated the over-all effectiveness of the methods. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most effective.
  • Search Engine Optimization Services 4.75
  • Solicited or Opt-In Mail 3.06
  • Offline Advertising 3.01
  • Press Release 3.00
  • Banner Advertising 2.15
  • Discussion Forums 2.12
  • Sponsorships 2.01
  • Newsgroups 1.95
  • Strategic Linking 1.75
  • Spam 1.60
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