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Search Engine Positioning Work Ethics


When working with Top Search Engine Positioning & Placement, you can be sure that we will never employ any technology that will be or can be harmful for your web site.

One of the main reasons behind our ethics for search engine optimization is your (Client's) image. We understand that you are not spending money for getting banned from search engines - instead the main reason you are spending money and time is because you are looking for search engine optimization company that will not only get your web site ranked but will also keep your web site search engine friendly.

Before selecting any search engine optimization service provider it is very important to make sure that the company is working on your web site, actually know what they are doing and what is the right method of doing it!


TRPN Code of Ethics for Optimization


We will not......

  • Use any software to automatically optimize your web site on fly!, instead we will use manual optimization process.
  • Use any automated software to submit your web site to any of the major search engines or directories, instead will hand submit your web site to search engines and directories.
  • Spam search engines and your web site will always be submitted in an orderly non-Spam manner.
  • Promote your web site for keywords not related to your Web site.
  • Cause search results to show multiple listings for the same content.
  • Use same color text and background for the web site, as it is considered spam.
  • Employ Page-jacking / Cloaking technology - as it is not welcomed by search engines.
  • Do "Keyword stuffing".
  • Place our company name or trademarks on your web site and hence not use your web site as a bulletin board for promoting our business.
  • Use text that is too small on a page.
  • Use Redirection technology in any way that would be considered spam.
  • Submit pages to the search engines too frequently.
  • Machine generated" pages and spam search engines.
  • Submit pages to any search engine unless each URL can be shown to be unique and relevant.
  • do domain mirroring.

At Top Search Engine Positioning and Placement we know what we are doing and we comply with all the rules and regulation required by search engines and directories!

Before you make any decision
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