Search Engine Optimization Specialist!

Search Engine Positioning Services Key Features

  1. Includes detailed key words search and analysis. [Including case sensitive and misspelling key words]
  2. Unique strategies for each program by complete analysis of you and your competitor's web sites. [We understand your needs are unique and deserves special attention]
  3. Complete study of Meta Tags, Description, Title and other internal content of your web site for greater visibility in Search Engines.
  4. Regular Meta Tags update for you website.
  5. Complete HTML optimization of your web site.
  6. Your site will be compared to 10/20 top ranked web sites and will be optimized, so it will be listed higher for your keywords query.
  7. Hand submission to all major search engines and directories.
  8. Submission of your entire site to all major search engines, in an orderly non-Spam manner.
  9. Submission to 175 International Search Engines and directories.
  10. As required, re-submission and re-optimization of your web site.
  11. Support for Pay Per Click Search Engines.
  12. You will be provided with the Submission Log to major search engines and directories.
  13. Link Popularity reports for your web site.
  14. Search engine ranking report. [As per SEO Plan & Agreement]


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