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Search Engine Positioning Services Plan 3


All search engine positioning service packages includes manual submission to major search engines and directories including Google and Yahoo.

Ultimate solution for achieving Top Search Engine Positioning. Comparison of your website with twenty top ranked similar web sites at major Search Engines. In Addition, your site will receive the master-hand treatment and optimization for top Search Engines & Directories.


Features included:

  • Extensive Keyword / Key phrases Analysis & Consultation.
  • Includes case sensitive Keyword / Key phrases Consultation.
  • Singular & Plural Keyword / Key phrases Consultation. [for many search engines, "personal injury lawyer" and "personal injury lawyers" are not same keywords. We will focus on both]
  • Includes misspelling Keyword / Key phrases Consultation.
  • Complete study of Meta Tags, Description, Title and other Internal content of your web site for greater visibility in Search Engine.
  • Meta Tag update for you website. [Generally every 2 -3 weeks]
  • Your Choice of 125 to 300 Keywords / key phrases.
  • Complete HTML optimization of your web site.
  • Your site will be compared with 20 top ranked web sites and will be optimized, so it will be listed higher for your keywords Query.
  • Manual/Hand submission to all major search engines and directories.
  • Includes paid submission to Inktomi. [Inktomi fees required]
  • Included Paid submission to Yahoo. [Yahoo fees required]
  • Competition Watch. Every month you will receive ranking reports, this report contains ranking of your and your competitor's web sites. This can help you in achieving cutting edge lead against them. You will be able to compare your and their ranking for your set of keywords.
  • Page Cloaking/IP Cloaking Technique. [only if needed]
  • Creation of optimized doorway page. [as and when required]
  • Submission of your entire site [up to 200 pages] to all major search engines, in an orderly non-Spam manner. (Non PPI places only)
  • You will be provided with the Submission Log to major search engines and directories.
  • Submission to 175 International Search engines and Directories.
  • Link Popularity report for your web site.
  • Link Popularity Development for your web site.
  • HTML Validation report for your web site.
  • Monthly search engine ranking report.
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