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What is there in name? Well Everything!

If you were to group SEO, then you can easily find two groups, 1) Who believes (or are not sure) that domain name does not help at all for search engine positioning & 2) Who knows domain name can play a significant role for successful search engine positioning.

If you are wanting to create an effective web presence with the means of search engine

optimization, then you finding an appropriate domain name is also very important task. However, there are many things that needs a careful attention before you make your decision:

  • Wherever possible, domain name should be same as company name.
  • Try to get a domain name that is easy to remember.
  • If domain name has your product name in it, then there is nothing wrong it either.
  • Unless you are going to be using the domain absolutely for the purpose of generating traffic from search engines, it is good to avoid domain names with hyphens (" - ") (i.e. example is better then
  • It is always beneficial to have your main keyword in the domain name, however, don't try to get a domain name that is nothing but full of spam. Remember, the door swings both ways.

There are many more things that needs to be consider before purchasing a domain name for the site you wish to do search engine positioning - but it is very important to remember, that domain name is not everything and one should not sacrifice company image over it. So even if you don't have a domain name that is optimized at its best for better search engine positioning, you can still get your web site ranked in the top of the search engine results with the help from good SEO Consultant.

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