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Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines are different from regular search engines. To make things easier to understand, you can compare PPC search engines with auctions. Like in any auction, the highest bidder get the buy, in PPC the highest bidder will be ranked # 1. But this is where PPC gets better then auction - as in regular auction the second highest bidder does not get the buy, while in PPC, the second highest bidder is ranked # 2 and third highest bidder is ranked # 3 and so on.

There are many PPC search engines. Both Yahoo & Google have their adverting programs that supports Pay Per Click marketing method.

If you want your site to be ranked as a PPC partner - all you need is the keyword you want your site to be ranked and $$$ in your bank account. While to get your site ranked within organic search results, there are many things that are required besides lots of hard work.

Ok, so it seems like PPC search engines are easy to be ranked on - then why we do need some SEO consultant, why can't we just use some PPC search engine and take care of things ourselves?

At a first glance these PPC search engines seems wonderful - however average John Doe prefers regular search engines when compared to PPC search engines and this is seen by the search engine popularity. Anyone can buy out ranking at these PPC search engines - or in other words, generally big companies can easily beat small companies and have a advantage over them - because of these and many other reasons, generally people prefer regular search engine over a PPC search engine.

Also, on a long run, PPC search engine campaign can prove very expensive when compared to SEO consultancy. For example, current rate (May 18, 2007) for Cost Per Click rate at Google Adwords for below key phrases is as:


Search Phrase
Estimated Avg. Cost Per Click

$34.58 - $51.87

personal injury lawyers
$21.14 - $26.87

$13.10 - $17.08

So suppose if you want your web site to be ranked # 1 within Google AdWords for the word "Personal Injury Lawyers", then you should be willing to pay US$ US$ 21.14 to US4 26.87 per click (i.e US$ 2114.00 to US4 2687.00/ for 100 clicks/hits ) and for the word "mesothelioma" you should be ready to pay US$ US$ 34.58 to US4 51.87 per click (i.e. US$ 3458.00 to US$ 5187.00/ for 100 clicks/hits) - irrespective of who clicks on it (potential client, someone just surfing, or maybe your competitor?)

At PPC search engine, when you stop paying them the money, your web site will loose its ranking right away. While the work done by SEO Consultant on your web site, can and generally do produce much better results and ROI (Return on Investment). Also, you can be sure that you will be seeing good results of well done SEO work on your web site even after your SEO contract is over. However, to maintain the rankings it is recommended that you continue your SEO Consultancy contracts.

This does not mean, PPC search engines should be avoided - There are many ways to use PPC search engines to produce good results for your business - but before anything is done, a detailed research is highly recommended - to make sure that your potential clients are able to find your web site and you get the best return on every dollar your spend.

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