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Search Engine Optimization Introduction


In today's world of technology, It is essential for any business to have a successful online presence irrespective of whether your business is business-to-business or business-to-consumer.


Why Search Engine Optimization

Search engines positioning plays a vital role for the survival of any business, below are few reasons:

  • Nearly 85% users use search engines to find products & services of their interest.
  • An estimate of 6 billion search queries were conducted at different search engines, for October 2006.
  • The number of worldwide Internet users will surpass 1.5 billion by the end of 2009.
  • About 233 million internet users in North America. (source internetworldstats)
  • Consumers visiting your website through search engines are 10 times more likely to be your clients, as they are unlike other window shoppers, these people are "actually looking" for the products & services you offer.

A silly but meaningful example
Lets say, there are 2 guys John and Kevin. John is shopping for his brother's wedding and goes to a Store with an intention of purchasing a tuxedo. While Kevin is visiting Store X simply with an intentions of  window shopping.


Now you tell, who is more likely to make a purchase? John of course. & Why?

  • Because, John knows that he is looking for a tuxedo and is a targeted customer.
  • While Kevin has no intentions of making a purchase or is not even sure if he is qualified to make that purchase.

In above situation one can compared John with a a person who visits your website via search engine. As it is *very true* that if anyone types in "Personal Injury Lawyers" at Google, then he is for sure not trying to search for "Car Rentals agency".

So when compared to other form of advertising such as TV, Radio, News Paper or Magazine Ads, you can be sure that you are reaching highly targeted market when you focus on better search engine optimization for your website.

Ask yourself, when you are more likely to buy products or services?

  1. While watching your favorite show on TV and you see a commercial? OR
  2. When you are actually shopping for the required product?

We are not saying that other form of advertising are not good & cost more, instead we are trying to say that, when compared to other forms of advertising, Search Engine Positioning is:

  • much more cost effective.
  • highly targeted.
  • In search engine positioning, your customer is already looking for your service or product and is visiting your web site with the intention of making a purchase, right now or in near future.
  • And last but not least, Search Engine Positioning when done appropriately can work wonders for your business
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