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The biggest myth about search engine optimization is related to Meta Tags. There are many people and even "so called" SEO Consultants think that meta tags is all what you need for achieving higher search engine ranking - however this is far from truth. It is because of this myth that many web sites don't reach their potential market and do not receive enough exposure through internet.

However, it will be wrong to say that Meta Tags don't carry any importance - but it is also equally wrong to say that Meta Tags can get your web site ranked in top search results. There was a time (late 90's) when search engines did gave *good* amount of importance to Meta Tags - specially Meta Keywords & Meta Descriptions. But with the growth of internet, many webmasters started misusing Meta Tags with the goal of achieving higher search

engine positioning - and this and other factors results in to decreased importance of Meta Tags in search engine results.


Sample Meta Tags


<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<META NAME="TITLE" content="Top Search Engine Positioning & Placement">
<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" content="Search Engine Optimization services provided by Top Search Engine Positioning and Placement. WE WILL GET YOUR WEBSITE RANKED - GUARANTEED!">
<META NAME="KEYWORDS" content="search engine optimization, search engine positioning, web site placement, web site submission, guaranteed directory registration,">
<META NAME="distribution" content="Global">
<META NAME="revisit" content="10">


Above is the sample of Meta Tags that we generally use on our web site. There are many more parameters one can add, but all of them are not really required and does not play any real role in search engine positioning. Today many search engines do not give any real importance to Meta Keywords either (there is a big difference between Meta Keywords and Keywords used for promoting your web site) - however, still it is recommended that your web site at least uses Meta Title, Meta Description & Meta Keyword Tags.

Also, remember, Meta Tags are not even given 5% importance when it coming to search engine ranking - but still these tags are considered important (every point counts) and for better results - it is generally recommended to use appropriate Meta Tags.

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